Cloud Computing

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Bend Oregon Cloud Computing Services

Using cloud services is not something avant-garde these days. Cloud services are preferred because they offer enormous data storage, powerful security and access from all around the world. Public cloud providers are in severe competition to take the most from the needs of the market, while in 2017 private cloud adoption sees a recent decrease.

85% of enterprises incorporate a multi-cloud strategy. On the other hand cloud services see a lot of changes and are not reserved only for huge enterprises. Cloud computing is the future, as it is projected to increase from %67 billion to $162 billion in 2020. In other words the global public cloud service will grow 18%, to $246.8 billion by the end of 2017. So maybe now is the right time to catch the right direction.

Bend Cloud is a cloud computing company in Oregon that offers all the modern services at an affordable price. We create cloud-based networks that improve productivity, keep your data safer and decrease network downtime. 74% of CFOs claim that cloud computing will have the biggest impact on their business during the next year. Don't underestimate this option, implement cloud computing and see how it will positively affect your business.