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Bend Oregon Content Marketing Services

Nowadays business is heavily connected with technology and especially the internet. Many businesses depend solely on Internet and their web presence to gain new customers. There is nothing wrong with that since most of the people nowadays search the internet before they use any kind of service or product. 56% of marketers think that personalized content does promote higher engagement rates. In order to reach all your potential customers you need to have proper search engine ranking, and this depends seriously on the type of your page content. For example, web pages with quality content experience 7.8 times more site traffic that those without.

Bend Cloud is a SEO content marketing company in Bend, OR that will give you the right content at an affordable price. While we are talking about pricing, content marketing costs 62% less, compared to outbound marketing, but generates tree times more leads. So we can say that content marketing has a very high return of investment rate. Content marketing drives higher conversion rates and this is why 88% of B2B marketers implement content marketing in their marketing strategies. So why run against the wind? The formula is known worldwide and you just need to include it in your strategy.