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Bend Oregon Email Template Design Services

Email communication has established itself as the number 1 conversation method when it comes to business. Even now, when hundreds of popular messengers exist, email is still preferred for formal and informal communication. As of 2017, more than 4.900 email accounts exist which is a 6% growth from the previous year.

The times when an email contained only basic text are long gone. Now an email can be as interactive as a web page. With the boom of mobile devices and services email services are flourishing. 2017 is the year when mobile email services surpass desktop ones. 54% of all emails are now opened on mobile devices first. This fact is quite understandable since we are always online while we have our smartphones in our pockets.

It is expected that 80% of all users will have their email accounts on mobile devices by 2018. This means that more emails will be opened and read. In order to benefit from this fact you need to send more emails and this is the easiest by using a template. So probably now is a good moment to set up your email template and take the advantages from it.

Our email template design services in Bend, Oregon can be adapted to your business sector, branding and communication style.