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Bend Oregon IT Security Services

Security is a regularly discussed topic these days. It is in our nature as humans to want to feel safety, and try to keep our worries to a minimum. That’s nice but in today’s world you can never feel too safe about anything. There is hidden danger behind every corner. Security breaches can be organized for pretty much any reason and sometimes there isn’t even a reason. They can be executed just because someone wants to show off their skills or for their amusement. Security breaches are actually one of the biggest causes for collapsing corporations. It’s a huge market worth billions of dollars annually and keeps expanding.

In 2004 the cyber security service market was worth around $3.5 billion and now-a-days it is worth almost $120 billion. Also there is new malware software that is developed every single day. To be exact, in 2016 there were 18 million malware fragments captured that were not known until now. Corporations are being hit by cyber-attacks constantly despite the fact that 52% of companies that were attacked don’t plan on making any changes in their security services.There is a serious lack of awareness of what a cyber-attack can do to your business and that’s why we provide Information for security providers in Bend, Oregon.