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Bend Oregon Mobile UI / UX Design Services

The world we live in is moving fast forward and this applies mostly to the technology trends around us. Mobile users are growing in number daily and this leads to an enormous increase of the number of mobile apps. Mobile users exceeded the number of desktop users in 2014 and now represent 52% of all digital media customers.

The market is flooded with all sorts of apps and we have plenty of which to choose from, no matter what our device is. For example Google Play has more than 2.2 million apps and the Apple App store is quite close with 2 million. These numbers will continue to increase over the years and the competition will become more and more difficult. This rivalry creates the necessity of a great first impression. With the wide range of apps nowadays the users spend less and less time choosing the right one.

The easiest way to create a good first impression and therefore win customers is by using a great mobile user interface. Even if the features of two apps are quite similar the one with the better design will catch the eye. Turn to our UX Design Agency in Bend, Oregon and convert your visitors into real profit.