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Bend Oregon Pay Per Click Services

Internet has never been so popular throughout the globe. 300 million websites were launched only during the past year. And still, most of these websites probably have some audience. The market nowadays demands online presence for every business. 75% of users, who search locally are quit more likely to visit the physical stores. When we talk about online websites the number is now close to 1 billion. This market demand leads to the success of paid advertising.

In order to understand how big paid advertising is let’s just say that 96% of Google’s revenue is due to Google AdWords PPC Advertising. Paid Ads need to be placed in the right platform, at the right time – this is why in order to return your investment it is always better to consult your steps with professionals.

Bend Cloud is a Pay per Click advertising company from Bend, Oregon that offers quality services at affordable prices. In order to understand how powerful these channels are let’s share that 65% of B2B companies did win a new customer through LinkedIn paid ads. Different platforms do the magic with different methods. A company increased their PPC return of investment by 2.5 times when achieved the right Facebook remarketing.