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Internet e everywhere around us. We can almost say that it narrates our lives. We use the world wide web for anything imaginable. We hardly go out somewhere, before checking the location first. It is a huge industry that contributes for more than $2.2 trillion in annual retail sales. But this should not surprise us, as there are more than 1.228.950 websites online at the moment and they are increasing with every minute.

All these websites need to be hosted somewhere. This is how it works – all the website’s content; the data included on every page needs to be stored somewhere. Most of the web page use servers as a hosting. It is quite possible that you are here, on this page because you are searching server hosting services in Bend, Oregon. This is no surprise. After all, more than 101,580,800 web domains are registered in the United States. On the other hand, the number of total web hosts is more than 351,154. We don’t know if this is enough or not but in any case we are here to add class to that number.We are a top VPS hosting provider, Oregon-located and want to help you with your website!