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Bend Oregon Computer & Network Security

These days Computer & Network Security is an important issue. Some businesses think this isn’t a necessity and leave it for some other time. But that’s exactly what the evil doers expect and take advantage of that. It might cost you at first but it will save a fortune. With all the crucial information stored on computers these days an effortless data stealing malware can achieve irreversible damage on your business.

The problem might be even closer than you think. Study shows that 70% of employees admit of installing applications not allowed on their work computers. The workers might not mean harm, but they might not know what that application actually brings to the computer. It may contain harmful software that steals information or something even worse.

Even more worrying, 78% of employees admit following unknown links despite knowing it could harm the computer. Careless or not, most of the people working in an office are not to be trusted with keeping their machines clean of harmful software. We at Bend Cloud, the Online network security provider in Oregon offer assurance to the people caring for their business enough to get protection. We can take care of the users that can’t be trusted with their computers in order for them to have a trouble free experience.