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The global world and we as humans were never so connected as at the present-day. It’s like we are all part of one huge worldwide network – and this is no lie if we take in consideration the World Wide Web. At the present time more than 40% of the world’s population has internet access and this number will continue to increase. Business relationships were never so opened and directs.

This is a plus that doesn’t need to be underestimated and the companies are taking in quite seriously. IT-related business expenses in the United States have grown from $2.081 billion to $2.199 and it is predicted that this number will reach $2.4611 by 2019. We believe you do understand what a big jump that is.

These big amounts of money are not related to big enterprises only. On the contrary, the US IT Sector is ‘monopolized’ by the small businesses. 97.7% of all IT companies have fewer than 100 employees. This is why we at Bend Cloud, as a popular network solutions provider in Oregon don’t focus only on large customers. We want to help each and every IT company to reach its goals and grow. This is what we do – we feed from your success.